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Hemp Farming For Beginners: A Starter Guide

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Hemp Farming For Beginners: A Starter Guide

Breaking into Hemp Farming

If you’re a fledgling hemp farmer or business owner, you’re likely overwhelmed by all the decisions to be made as you try to make your mark on this billion dollar industry. Although it has been legalized (see the 2018 Farm Bill) CBD and hemp agricultural operations still have scarce or at least difficult-to-find resources when it comes to getting their processes just right.

Thankfully, no matter your end goal for your hemp farm – for example, harvesting the fiber, CBD oils, seeds, or grain – the agricultural process is largely the same. For an overview on hemp farming from the pros at Hemp Clones Direct, keep reading!

The Ideal Hemp Growing Environment

Hemp isn’t overly picky about its growing environment – unless you’re in a high-altitude mountain environment or hostile desert climate. In general, though, areas with warm weather, sufficient drainage, and rich soil are ideal for hemp growing. Overly wet conditions should be avoided. It should be noted that hemp is also sensitive to weed pressure.

Before you begin cultivating your hemp crops, you should have your soil tested and analyzed. Be sure to test for potassium sulfate, rock phospate, and elemental sulfur – high levels of any of these substances will pose a threat to the health of your crops. For best results, conduct these tests in either early spring or late autumn.

For hemp crops, the growing cycle lasts about 108 to 120 days – strive to shoot for a period of time when growing conditions will stay as consistent as possible.

Growing Hemp Crops from Clones

As a hemp farmer, one of the most significant choices you’ll make is whether to grow hemp from seeds or to utilize clones. For the uninitiated, hemp clones are plants cut from a mother hemp plant – taken from the stem or tap-root – that is cultivated in such a way that it develops its own independent root system. While growing from seeds is a relatively simple and traditional process, cultivating hemp clones offers some distinct advantages.

Growing hemp from clones provides a great deal of consistency that you may otherwise miss from seed-grown plants. It’s in the name – hemp clones are extremely likely to be just as healthy and bountiful as the mother plant. On top of that, they mature more quickly, giving you the ability to become an active supplier sooner.

To learn more about the advantages of hemp clones, contact our hemp experts online.

Maintaining Your Hemp Crops

Cultivating your hemp plants works much like tending any other crop. Just be sure to irrigate your soil beds well – especially in the early stages. Overall, hemp plants are drought tolerant, but can be sensitive when first planted.

Another important choice you’ll need to make as a hemp farmer is whether to use pesticides or to use organic methods. Where pesticides are concerned, you’ll simply need to follow federal and local laws and regulations. Thankfully, hemp plants are generally pest and disease-resistant and does not demand a large amount of supplementary nutrition, making them a reasonable crop to grow organically.

Harvesting and Processing Hemp

Harvesting and processing hemp plants generally does not require specialized equipment unless you are specifically growing hemp for fiber, as the hemp stalks require a different method. Once harvested, simply clean all foreign material from the hemp and prepare it for storage in a well-aerated environment. Hemp grain should be dried to about 9% moisture using a belt conveyor or an auger to help prevent seeds from cracking.

Legal Considerations for Growing Hemp

While growing hemp is largely legal, you’ll need to ensure that your hemp possesses less than 0.3% THC. Depending on your state, there is a possibility that you’ll need to apply for a permit or otherwise register with your state. If you’re not sure, look up your state’s Department of Agriculture to find out your local requirements.

Get a Head Start on Your Hemp Farm

Hemp clones provide you with the fastest and most reliable way to grow profitable hemp crops. To learn more or buy hemp clones wholesale, call Hemp Clones Direct at 303-529-8869 today!

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